Hot London

Even the bridal suite at the Ritz can't compare with A Room for London.? This is the most bizarre and quite possibly the best hotel room in all of London town.? It's actually an art installation - a boat come mysteriously aground high above the River Thames.? It's the brainchild of hip philosopher Alain de Botton, whose company Living Architecture builds holiday homes designed by top architects.? This particular hotel-for-two is inspired by Joseph Conrad's story, A Heart of Darkness.?? Look across the river at the suckers in the Ritz, enjoy people watching along the Southbank from your vantage point and take a nip on the poop deck.? Ahoy there!

Want to book?? You're not alone.? And at €300 a night, it's not cheap - but definitely memorable.? Overnight stays are awarded by ballot - the next round opens on April 17th.? Find out more here.


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