Hot Cork: Caf? Gusto


Caf? Gusto greets you at the door with a hand-woven basket, a completely kitsch bike and a menu declaring the chalk-scribbled day specials. After this cheery welcome, you can relax in the knowledge that the rest of your experience here will be just as jolly. Gusto prides itself on dedicated Baristas and intelligent fare; come here for a breakfast of pancakes and homed berry scones, lunch of signature sandwiches and evening tapas feasts of couscous and wine.



TOP TIP: Forego environmentally-aware etiquette and opt for a takeaway cup; the logo is famous in the People's Republic, and will give you instant Cork-kudos as you wander the shops apr's caffeine fix?

Even though she's Dublin-based now, Corkonian Jo Linehan goes home as often as she can and keeps well abreast of all things Cork, including Caf? Gusto.

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