Hollywood Females Slam Body Shaming

Female body shaming seems to be everywhere these days. You only have to look at a female celebrity Instagram post (or any social media post) to see an array of negativity. "She looks too fat, too thin or her hair is completely gross" and so on. There are so many females in the public eye that are hugely talented and want to inspire future generations of ladies to reach their full potential, yet the majority of the focus is usually always directed at their physical appearance.? Here at Image, we are getting sick of this. Why all the hate and negativity? Women have so much more to offer.

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And it's not like Hollywood is an equal ground for actors and actresses to begin with. Men largely dominate the movie business, and we frequently read about how there are not enough roles for women. Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon has been very vocal about her feelings on this, even setting up her production company to create more leading roles for women. "Women make up 50 percent of the population," she said. "We should make up 50 percent of the movies we see," Reese added. "We are looking for great female parts."

Plenty of female celebrities are getting sick of body shaming too and have taken to standing together to unite against this.

Actress Bella Thorne along with Kate Bosworth, Camila Alves, and Ellie Kemper - told ELLE just how they felt about the whole concept of body shaming. Rightly so, they weren't a happy bunch about it.


"I think it's so messed up that people tell me all the time, 'You're not a woman because you don't have boobs.' Or 'You're not a woman because you don't have this, or you don't have this,'" Bella said. "But you know, girls do it to themselves. It's not only guys. I see girls all the time on my Instagram calling me a boy because I'm flat chested or saying, 'Your nose is too big, and it makes you look like this.' Girls do it to girls and it's really sad. It's really upsetting."

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"We're all made of different body shapes, different curves, you know? But I also think it's wrong to say bad things about the skinny girl because that's just her body too. So I really think it's just about embracing women how they are, whether they're skinny, or they're curvy or, however, their body is: tall, short, whatever," Camila Alves added.

Kate Bosworth said that any words on social media could cause hurt. "It doesn't matter what kind of words. They can really cause hurt," she said. Finally, Ellie Kemper on body shaming through social media: "It's just mean."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves and say more power to these ladies for standing up against the 'shaming' phenomenon. If we want it to stop, we have to be vocal about it.

Do you agree with the girls?




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