'Hold On To Every Genuine Person' - Cheryl Responds To Alleged Cocaine Photo

Each and every day you're guaranteed to find headlines that are so made up, the stars whom they're written about would fall around the place laughing. Some days, however, they go beyond the comical and into the land of downright ridiculous. X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini took it upon herself to strike back after one fashion journalist shared an image of the former Miss Cole in a backstage bathroom at the British Fashion Awards on Monday, in which what appears to be a white powdery substance can be seen on the countertop. Though the photo has since been taken down, the Mirror report that the fashion journalist posted it along with the caption 'sadness in her eyes'. Following the circulation of this image, for which Kate Moss levels of outrage would have broken out among fans and those who look to Cheryl as a role model, the Mirror obtained an image that supported the star's innocence, proving that what appeared to be cocaine was actually just the reflection of spotlights above. Crisis averted. Journalist silenced.

As we consume this kind of content?a daily basis, it's easy to forget that celebrities are real people, with real feelings. Most of the time, it's 'their people' who would release statements on such events, but this time around, Cheryl had decided she'd had enough. As well as taking legal action, the former Girls Aloud band member took to Instagram to share the following message, and it's clear, from words how rumours like this can damage and really hurt these folk, long after the gossip mill has moved on to the next person.

So true .. #positivevibes only squeezing my tight !! Love you

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