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We've truly abandoned our resolutions by this stage so we've decided to strive towards improving our minds this weekend - and what better way than to repopulate our Twitter feeds with interesting thoughts from interesting ladies? This week we're looking at our favourite historians. So go on, give them your Friday Follow and steal their trivia so you seem much more clever as you surreptitiously eat all the finger food at parties.


Gillian Kenny is a medieval historian specialising in women and family but also takes a look at witchcraft and magic. She couples droll observations of the sexual mores of past with snaps of not exactly NSFW medieval manuscripts so if that is your thing give Gilian a #FF.


A cultural historian who specialises in the sex lives of Victorians, Fern Riddell even has a book due out on the matter in the coming month. A Victorian Guide to Sex promises to be a lighthearted tome so get in line now and enjoy her fun and delightfully informative snippets.



Miss Brand looks at romance in the 18th century - it's more than Colin Firth jumping in a lake - and is the perfect daily broadcaster for all us day dreaming regency wannabes.


Antiquities queen Mary Beard stole our hearts last year when she dealt with internet trolls by being fabulous, carrying on with her day job as one of the worlds pre-eminent classicists and even calling out the idiots. One such time even inspired a supporter of hers to offer to contact a harrasser's mother. An apology swiftly followed.


The Women's Museum of Ireland is a voluntary organization of young women striving to establish an actual Women's Museum in Ireland. At the moment they're mostly online and are busy curating interesting articles and events listings on their Twitter account for any amateur historians in the mood for something patriotic.



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