Hire a Wingwoman This Weekend

Will you meet my friend/casual employer?

A Boston-based company has launched a Hire A Wingwoman service and this is the 21st century, ladies. The service is similar to an existing company in New York that helps men and promises you a paid platonic companion who will teach you flirting techniques and then keep the object of your affection's best friend busy with conversation while you try to stick the beak in. Sounds like a legitimate answer to a modern semi-issue but the payment part is where things get a little bit weird and uncomfortable? Hiring a wingwoman comes at a rate of $72 an hour, with a minimum of two hours for the service.? Every half hour after that costs $32 so if your seduction technique is of the long game variety you might need to packed lunch it for a few weeks. You might be better off just laying some ground rules with a friend who enjoys a good flirtation session. (Girls with long-term boyfriends excell at these kind of capers and appreciate being thought of as still good craic FYI.)


The notion of a wingman/wingwoman is a timeless one, and has been honoured in pop culture classics such as Wedding Crashers, Top Gun and even Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing where the whole supporting cast is devoted to uniting the sparring would-be lovers, Benedict and Beatrice. However much we love the idea of helping love - and other things - move along, the idea that someone is trying to profit from such romantic endeavours is plain wrong.


Would you pay for a wingwoman?

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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