Highlights From Sundance

Calvary - John Michael McDonagh Having reached notoriety through The Guard, McDonagh returns to the big screen with a murder-mystery noir set in Sligo. Starring Brendan Gleeson as a priest who must bear the brunt of the wrongs of the church it sees Chris O'Dowd, Dylan Moran and Aiden Gillen as part of a funny and left-of-centre comedy-noir.

Boyhood - Richard Linklater ?boyhood???Through the Before? series Linklater has accrued a cult following and here he is joined by Ethan Hawke once again. Hailed as his opus magnus, Boyhood was filmed over 12 years the movie with a great deal of mystique. Following a boy from the age of seven to the end of his teenage years, it traces its way through the delicate tendrils of a coming of age story.

The Most Wanted Man - Anton Corbijn From Joy Division to John Le Carre is but a skip and a jump. The director of Control comes back with an all-star thriller set around the around Philip Seymour Hoffman as a German spy.

Finding Fela - Alex Gibney Findin_felaThe king of Afrobeat is revisited by this most ?important documentarian of our times? and it is sure to be interesting at worst, pure genius at best.


Frank - Lenny Abrahamson lennyabrahamsonfrankYou heard correctly the first time - Frank does center around a papier-m?ch? headed Michael Fassbender who is intent on (mis)leading a gang of susceptible wannabe rockstars that include Maggie Gyllenhall and Domhnall Gleeson, on wild's goose chase.

Also... Nick Cave stars in a movie about his 20,000th day on earth;Keira Knightley and Chloe Moretz have it out on Peter-Pan syndrome in Laggies; whilst Johnny Flynn (floppy haired frontman of the The Sussex Wit yes) stars in Song One opposite Anne Hathaway

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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