Highest Paid Celebrity Couples Revealed

Step aside Queen B and King J, because this young (and very gorgeous couple) have taken your throne. Forbes has just revealed some of the world's highest paid celebrity couples (the full list will be revealed on Monday) and the old favourites are no longer in first place. The list rank's the world's top earning entertainer couples by annual income only, for the first time ever. Here we have the top three:

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show

Couple-of-the-moment Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris have topped the list for 2015, which may come s a surprise to some as the pair are so you. Age is clearly just an number as they earn an amazing $146 million between them. Woah.

The cute couple has jumped to the top of the list, stealing the crown from the powerhouse pairing that is Beyonc? and Jay Z. They are a force to be reckoned with individually as well as a couple; Taylor would earn a huge amount due to the fact the she writes (and produces much of) her own music, and Calvin basically produces every second song on the radio at the moment, so he would earn a huge amount from this. To add to their incomes, each has lucrative endorsement deals with major brands: Swift with Diet Coke, Keds and Sony, (and she's now back speaking to Apple thanks to single-handedly changing the digital music world to make the industry a fairer place for artists), and Harris with Giorgio Armani and Sol Republic headphones. This couple will only keep getting bigger we think (if they stay together, that is?).


Beyonc? and Jay Z

Beyonc? and Jay Z Met Gala 2015

Beyonc? and Jay Z jump to second place, but they still earn $110.5 million (we actually thought it'd be more as their combined worth was once said to be close to a billion dollars) between them, which ain't too shabby if you ask us! This couple (who topped the list in 2014) has no trouble earning the big bucks. Their recent ?On The Run? tour was the fifth highest grossing show of 2014, and both Beyonc? and Jay Z bring in their own money thanks to their individual music projects and endorsements. Jay Z has his entertainment company, Roc Nation, as well Armand de Brignac champagne and D?Uss? cognac. And Beyonc? has her own fragrance line and endorsements with Pepsi, H&M and others. They just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, so we don't think these too will be fading any time soon. Now, could Beyonc? please make us happy by dropping another surprise album?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

For those that don't know, this couple is country music royalty and they have major sway on the Country music scene. The superstar couple earns $57 million between them. Lambert is a force to be reckoned with after winning multiple awards from her recent album Platinum (which was a major success in the states) and between Shelton touring and serving as a judge on The Voice, the duo is worth over $27 million each. Despite being third on the list, they're really not doing too badly.?? The full list will be revealed on Monday. Are you surprised that Swift and Harris took the top spot?




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