Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

And so this is Christmas, the day arrives again as it always does. Kids are playing, friends and families are travelling and gathering, food is cooking and good cheer is all around. I hope.

Of course, there are many who are in less than perfect scenarios this year as ever; the homeless, the lost, the sick?we can only wish them well and hope the next year offers some solutions and respite.

Speaking of ?perfect scenarios? - the thing is; they don't exist. The notion of a perfect Christmas was made for us by movies and greeting card companies. Personally, I much prefer the idea of an imperfect Christmas; one that contains my family in all it's imperfect glory - we're happy as we are and don't need to feel as though we live in a snow globe in order to feel complete at Christmas.

Being a single parent, you get to (eventually) learn to cherish your funny-shaped family, with its extended family ties. I have gotten used to the fact that I ?Santa? alone, and now it has become the greatest thrill of any given year. Our Christmas morning is a bit hectic with a few more visiting manoeuvres than most other people I know, but you know what? It's bloody great - we love it. That's the thing about imperfection ?it's comfortable. You don't have to try, and try, and try to be some very co-ordinated, organised version of you. You just have to be you!

So, today, I wish you all a beautifully imperfect Christmas - eat, drink, be merry as the line goes, but also look around - at each other, really see your loved ones and remind yourself how special they are, even if they are tipsy, tired or tremendously troublesome! Just smile. It's a good day to be alive.


Joy to the world. And you.

Happy Christmas from all at image.ie


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