'Gypsy' Is The New Netflix Show You Have To Watch

Naomi Watts and Netflix are ready to turn stereotypes upside down in the new thriller series 'Gypsy'

Reading up on the new must-watch Netflix thriller Gypsy sounds, at first, like an a-typical, anti-hero drama. Illicit romance. A woman on the side. A protagonist who commits?infidelity while the spouse nervously suspects infidelity. Only, it is not what it seems, as this time, the protagonist is a woman. She seeks thrills, pushes boundaries and is actively driven to act almost based solely?on her needs and desires, neglecting the consequences until they catch up with her. It's a part so frequently thought to be a man's role, that to see that expectation twisted and turned via a female gaze is refreshing and exhilarating.

The 10-episode series follows a married mental heath therapist named Jean Holloway, played by the exceptional Naomi Watts, who is a woman who simply wants more. She frequently crosses?the line personally and professionally; seeking illicit rendezvous through the lives of her patients and an affair with rock chick Sidney, despite her seemingly ideal marriage to husband Michael (Billy Crudup). Holloway's desires overshadow almost everything else in her life, but soon she tips so far over the edge, that her balancing act ?- and life as two different people - start to crack.


The script has been well and truly flipped and we get something rarely seen in 2017 - a series depicting sex, adultery and manipulation with a distinctly feminine perspective on camera - and a female team producing it behind the camera. Created by?Lisa Rubin and helmed by 50 Shades of Grey director Sam-Taylor Johnson, the team were eager?to dispell the myth and stereotypes that women couldn't be flawed, complex and seek to act out fantasies the same way that men could. Watts morphs into a femme fatale?to explore a new identity?and persona, but there's much more to her than an icy Hitchcock heroine; she has morals, she just decides to listen and act on a voice that so many of us choose to ignore.

The series premieres on June 30th on Netflix and promises to be a cracker. Watch the trailer below, which features a re-working of Fleetwood Mac's track Gypsy, by Stevie Nicks herself:

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