Goodbye L'Wren Scott

As most people were, we were terribly saddened to hear of the death of the beautiful L'Wren Scott. The 6 foot 3 ex-model, designer and girlfriend of Mick Jagger, was a towering force (both figuratively and literally) in the fashion world. We admired her style and her old-fashioned way of approaching design. She was of the old ilk of designers who were solely focussed on making women appear beautiful in form-fitting, perfectly cut clothes. Her collections had an old-world elegance to them and she herself embodied the brand, her lithe figure showcasing the most divine gowns at her various social occasions.

We were also sorry to hear the reports, circulated so soon after her passing, that she may have been stressed due to her company's financial pressures and challenges and that this may have led her to the sad action she chose.

We are most saddened however by the invasive reporting by some mainstream media into her death; the immediate analysis, the awful pictures of an intensely grief-stricken Jagger right after he heard the news. The general feeling pervades that we shouldn't know these details and that it's being forced on us all by the overly celebrity reliant media.

Yes, we are also reporting it and we are media too, but we would just like to say we are sad for her, for him, their families and friends.


Now, let's leave it at that and let a beautiful woman rest.


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