Gonna Party Like It's 1999

For some, 1999 was when George Clooney left the ER for Seattle and when everyone who went stateside had to start visiting a mysteriously dark and deafening shop called Abercrombie to bring back logo laden hoodies. The nation was gripped by Y2K paranoia and the beginning of a new tech era powered by screeching dial up internet that turned your landline off. For others though, it was the year they finished secondary school and attended their Debutantes ball.

In November 1999, the girls of Rathdown School, along with their escorts and parents visited the school for a drinks reception, taking turns around the sixth year study hall – a time-honoured Rathdown tradition, after which they headed off to Powerscourt in Enniskerry to get the final celebrations underway.  

Those were the days, the halcyon days when it was all about the dress- not professional makeup, fake tan and pre-drinking…


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