Girls Season 3

Even Lena Dunham has acknowledged the slight let-down that happens at the end of Season 2 of Girls, as Marnie and Hannah are saved from the brink of nervous breakdowns not, as one would imagine, by their own fortitude of spirit, but by knights in shining armour in the form of Charlie and Adam. Saps. As we gird our loins for Season 3 here's a few things we want to see ?

  1. We want Jessa back - Some find Jemima Kirke's character to be the most obnoxious thing since segues, but the reality is she's pure gorgeous entertainment. Come back!
  2. We want a lot more Adam - Obvs. He is the uber hunk, in spite of that ill thought-out Vogue shoot. We forgive him all.
  3. We want Hannah to publish something - We're worried about her. Also we need to have our hopes up so that when she screws up it's a legitimate disappointment. Toy with our emotions dammit!
  4. We want Richard E. Grant to be more than the token Brit in his guest-starring role - Apparently he dates one of the girls and smart money says it's Jessa and we just hope it's good.
  5. We want to see more of Hannah's parents - That scene in the shower from Season 1 - priceless.
  6. We want to see all the characteristic raunch and nudity - Perhaps it could be a little less sloppy, but neh, who are we to judge?
  7. We want a lot less focus on ?the boys in their lives? - Enough already, you're millennial women, get on with it.
  8. We are looking forward to the celeb cameos and guest-starrings - Felicity Jones, Richard E. Grant, Jenna Lyons, (no Victoria Beckham soz) and more.
  9. We want the conversation to not be about Lena Dunham's body - defenders and critics alike seemed to diminish the fact of Dunham's extraordinary achievement by going on at length about the famed Vogue cover she appears on currently. Leave the whole subject alone, it distracts from the unfettered boldness of the series.?

Girls Season 3 kicks off on Sky Atlantic tonight at 10 pm


Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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