Gift Books: 5 Books To Give Your Mum This Christmas

Stuck for a gift idea for your mum this year? There's something special about a carefully chosen book that says you took time?and thought into something that was right for her, and there's still time to nip to the shops to pick one up for her before Sunday. Scroll for five reads we reckon she'll love.

Tippi by Tippi Hedren (?18)


The Hollywood icon and activist is as vibrant and illuminating at ever at 86, and for the first time puts pen to paper to release her official memoir, detailing her career on the silver screen to her animal activism. She goes back to the very beginning, from her career as a model to landing the role that was to make her a star, Melanie Daniels in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and all the?on and off set controversy that followed. She's sure to love this. And in the meantime, read our exclusive interview with Tippi herself HERE.

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes (?32)



Sali Hughes? latest book, is the writer's exceptional personal take on a treasure trove of over 200 iconic products that are among the best in the beauty world.

Never Let Me Go (Hardcover) by Kazuo Ishiguro (?


Never Let Me Go is set in a dystopian world in which human clones are created so that they can donate their organs as young adults. The novel follows the life story of Kathy, a clone who is raised at a boarding school for future 'donors? and her relationship with her two best friends Ruth and Tommy. To say much more would give away the narrative of this extraordinary novel but it very much echoes Ishiguro's famous The Remains of the Day.?It's a beautiful read.

The Woman Who Stole My Life (Hardcover)?by Marian Keyes (?12)



Not a new book, but one of Keyes' most enjoyable books and every time I think to gift Keyes' work as a gift, this is what I always decide on as it's just brilliant. Protagonist, Stella Sweeney is a beauty therapist who finds herself bedridden with Guillain-Barre syndrome - 'she can only communicate via blinking her eyelids. But it's not all doom-and-gloom - far from it.?Like all the great heroines, she preserves and writes a bestselling self-help book.?There's a dashing male doctor and some hilarious and equally tender moments, and we'll say no more for fear of spoiling it.

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult (Hardcover) (?18)


It isn't easy to tackle racism and prejudice with such an eloquent intelligence and empathy, but in Small Great Things, author Jodi Picoult does exactly that. The daughter of a black maid in a privileged white household, nurse Ruth Jefferson is no stranger to prejudice, but when the parents of a newborn baby (and white supremacists) ban Ruth from touching their child, she experiences a new level of racism first-hand. She is then accused of a crime that leads to the death of the baby - but what really happened? This is one she?won't be able to put down.

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