George Clooney On Amal: ?I Feel Like An Idiot Talking To My Own Wife"

Will Amal and George Clooney ever desist with the #RelationshipGoals behaviour? A year on from their taking-over-Italy wedding and this actor/barrister coupling is still going strong and plucking at our heartstrings. Not only do they look incredibly glamorous and devoted on the red carpet, but George's proud husband behaviour is exemplary. This week he's making us swoon with comments about how his wife's intelligence makes him feel like an ?idiot?. In a patriarchal world, these words are a balm to our underpaid and underrepresented souls.

In the brief exchange with Us Weekly at New York's Lincoln Center earlier this week - it was the 15th anniversary screening of O Brother, Where Art Thou - George talked about how the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary. They had dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel last Sunday - nothing too flash. The idea of a night out was Amal's. ?I'm a creature of habit, so I might want to go down the street to the same sushi bar that I could eat at four nights a week.,? admitted George. ?She's like, 'No, that's not going to happen?not for the anniversary! We're not going to do that!?? Amal is glam.

And how has marriage been treating the pair? Well, George does admit Amal's intelligence - she's considered one of the top human rights lawyers in the world - can be a tad overwhelming. ?Oftentimes, I feel like an idiot talking to my own wife,? he says. ?It's never good!" Women all over the world are nodding as they read that quote. Thanks for being an honest gentleman, George.


What a great contrast to the UK's Conservative justice minister who last month implied Amal Clooney only got work on the basis of her high-profile marriage. This is despite the fact most of Amal's clients and major cases predate her union with the Hollywood actor.

Via Us Weekly?

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