George Clooney Is Moving To The UK

George Clooney is reportedly relocating to a village the United Kingdom. The Hollywood actor and wife Amal are moving to Sonning, a village 40 miles from London and will complete the move by the end of the summer, various outlets are reporting.

Seven months ago the couple bought a manor estate in Sonning, Berkshire, valued at €10-million pounds. This nine-bedroom abode is set to become George and Amal's primary marital home. The house looks over the River Thames and has a spa attached as well as a gym, boathouse and a cottage. George and Amal have had work done to the property in the past few months, hence their only moving in now, and will allegedly be able to enjoy a new swimming pool and private cinema. George is already enthusing about his new English life, saying in one interview, ?There's a great old pub and there's a great restaurant, The French Horn there and it's a really beautiful fun place to be. I'm really excited."

The locale will suit Amal, who works as a human rights barrister at Doughty Street Chambers in London. Although she does travel a lot, what with her high-flying international career. George meanwhile plans to commute to LA for his career, and we can be sure he'll find some time to throw some serious parties in his home on Italy's Lake Como. The Ocean's Eleven star is such a fixture in the area that his home has become a tourist attraction, and the local mayor has requested fans give Clooney privacy when he visits with his famous pals. We wonder if his new neighbours will exercise that famous British restraint if Matt Damon and Brad Pitt join George down in the local pub?

Check out the trailer George's latest movie Tomorrowland, which is in cinemas now.

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