Galaxy Style Exchange

Last Thursday, 8th May saw the penthouse of the Morgan Hotel overcome with Ireland's most stylish personalities to mark the first ever?Galaxy Style Exchange.??The Galaxy Style Exchange is an organized fashion up-cycle replicating the swishing trend that is taking the UK by storm. Attendees at the Style Exchange get to swap quality items that they fell for initially but never got round to incorporating into their life for another great item that has been relegated to the back of someone else's wardrobe. Consider it a fashion swingers party! Swishing experts Nicola Little and Suzanne Whelan from Daisy Green events swung by to explain the rules of the whole concept. ?Try to bring at least three items of quality clothing and accessories, the real joy of a Galaxy Style Exchange is creating an entirely new outfit that you have styled yourself.? Take the time to display items as best you can - drape on tables, chairs or rails if you have them so everyone can see the clothes at their very best.? And remember, you are amongst friends so no matter how gorgeous the item no scratching, spitting or fighting!?

The rules? You must come armed and weighed down with your item and then wham-bam you trade for something that really captures your eye. Ella De Guzman of Siopaella, Dublin's favourite consignment store featuring a carefully curated and unique designer inventory was also at the Morgan. She had plenty of advice for people afraid to break the hoarding style habit. ?When it comes to choosing outfits to up-cycle at a Galaxy Style Exchange I would ask yourself when did I wear this last?? If it has been more than six months then maybe it is time to let it go to a new loving home.? I always try to give my ?potential? swap pieces one more attempt, though more often than not I am reminded of why I fell out of love with them?.

The Galaxy Style Exchange is now open.? For more information on how you can hold your own Style Exchange visit? or join in the stylish conversation on Twitter @Galaxy_ie #GalaxyStyle.

In the meantime we here at IMAGE are hosting our own exclusive Galaxy Style Exchange style swapping party. Fashion Editor Sive O'Brien is inviting you and your best fashion friend to join us for next Tuesday evening in The Residence, Stephen's Green, Tuesday. To nab an invite all you have to do is Instagram a picture of a forgotten piece from your wardrobe that you'd like to bring on the night with the hashtag ?IMAGEGalaxystyleswap and 25 of the chicest entries will receive an invite to this exclusive event.


As the Galaxy tagline goes: Why have cotton when you can have silk? Get snapping. Get swapping.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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