Gal Gadot's Winning Her Wonder Woman Press Tour

Remember the huge fuss when Cannes banned flat shoes from its red carpet??It was ridiculous; the notion that anything less than sky-high heels would look out of place at a glamorous event and quite a few protested. It's also another societal?pressure placed upon women - that femininity and sexuality are more apparent in you as a woman if you wear a high heel. While, for many, the right pair of high-heeled shoes equates to more confidence (and this can only be a good thing), those that can't or don't enjoy wearing them can be made feel, well, odd. I always think it akin to the feeling that comes with opting to veer away from anything considered "the norm" for women, such as choosing not to wear makeup. Somehow, wearing heels has long been considered the same as ?the finishing touch? - and it's both depressing and sexist to think that, in order to be considered a well-dressed woman, you must wear a killer heel. ?But, happily, women are putting their foot down over sexist dress codes, both in the workplace and on the red carpet.

Which is likely one of the reasons Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot made headlines this week. Throughout her high-profile press tour, she's chosen to primarily opt for flat shoes, essentially shunning Hollywood pressure, which is most refreshing. Because, in all honesty, who doesn't love a fancy flat shoe? They look great and you and your feet are much more comfortable. And here's Gadot, star of the most well-received superhero film in years, working designer gowns and embracing the art of comfortable footwear.


How we love it.

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