Friends Of The 90's

20 years since it first aired we take a look at how Friends lives on in the trends around us today

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary since the first ever screening of Friends. To commemorate the occasion we take a look at how the revival of 90's fashion makes hits us with Friends comparisons continually. The 90's nostalgia has infiltrated fashion and music alike, and watching reruns of Friends remains as comforting and reassuring as ever. We're all about the love for the 90's and love for the Friends fashion revival, and here's a few of our flava-flaves??


The Rachel

There has never been a more influential hairdo before or since 'The Rachel'. When it came out in the early 90's with its dramatic layering around the face, every right-thinking woman made a dash for the nearest hairdresser to get the hairdo of the decade. Recollections of my older cousins during this period involve dark lippy, velvet and an ocean of Rachels.




The momma pants

friends girls

?They're a divisive item. Owning a pair myself I love them like a child, whilst my housemate gags every time I walk in wearing them. From Chandler to Rachel, they all wear the momma pants, but in particular Monica and Joey pull them off best to my mind - she does so with a little tied-up boyfriend shirt, whilst he dons a waistcoat, which thankfully is not seeing a revival.

The crop tops



This is more a Rachel item. When she's waitressing in Central Perk her outfits under that little apron consist in short skater skirts and crop tops, and boy does she hit a home run with that look. Even the furry crop tops that have been making a reappearance in American Apparel have a guest-starring role in the series.

That floral dress worn over a tee?

rahcel friends

And over Doc Martens, or at least combat boots. Agyness Dean was the first person I saw a picture of wearing this again, and it's a look that needs to be done right. Very Winona. In fact, I feel like every movie heroine in the 90's rocked this look at some point. It works with a simple white round neck tee, with a strappy black dress and floral prints over it.

Boyfriend shirts tied up


Monica, Phoebe and Rachel all at some point pull off this look, with a slightly exposed midriff and high-waisted trousers. Generally they were checquered or denim and often oversized. Tamp and Stitch currently selling some beautiful tied-up shirts for around €30, which rock this style.


The lippy


This is the most 90's of all the Friends numbers. Metallic or dark plum colours, and invariably with a nice dollop of lipliner to go around. I still remember my Italian babysitters incredibly pronounced lip-liner which was dark brown, whilst her lippy was a metallic pink. Kudos to anyone who tries this look now.

The flowing skirts ?


Frumpchic is Phoebe's strong suit, and those flowing floral shirts, luscious long locks thrown over to one side, along with lots and lots of draping jewellery is making a definite comeback. I saved a few of my mothers skirts from the 90's and they have made their way fairly smoothly back into my daily wardrobe.

The dungarees


friends rachel

They're back and I for one am ecstatic. Impossible to get wrong.

The white sneakers - Very normcore, very 90's and very Friends. In Friends? they get worn a lot by the boys, often with khaks in Chandler's case, and with cut-off shorts by the girls. I remember them being the only fashion item I cared about when I was 10, sitting on the steps of the porch cleaning mine with toothpaste, which is in fact the most effective way of keeping them brilliantly white. Take note.



Along with dungies, the return of velvet is what I am most excited about. Being a kooky hippy, Phoebe works a lot of velvet into her outfits, be it shirts, dresses, waistcoats, or skirts. They were back as a staple in AW13 collections, and no doubt they will continue to feature as the revival of 90's fashion spreads more and more. I bought two velvet dresses over the winter and I felt made of money in them.

After a Saturday spent sweating to all the music the 1990's had to offer at the Totally Dublin party at IMMA, we feel it only in order to remind you of the music and events that go with outfits, courtesy of Flight Facilities...


?Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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