If ever two young women suffered the pangs of Fear Of Missing Out, these are they. When they're not tripping the light fantastic clad in sequined regalia, they can be found at the LeCool HQ at South Studios where Kate Coleman is deputy editor and where Amy O'Connor somehow became part of the furniture. The two vixens have channeled their mischief into FOMO, a brand new stand-up comedy event. It launches tomorrow with ?Pop-up Stand-up? which sees Foil, Arms and Hog and Conor O?Toole represent young Irish talent in all its irreverence, awkwardness and genius. The big name of the night is rising UK comic Adam Hess, of Russell Howard's Good News Channel fame. The night will be MCed by Al Porter, self-proclaimed "youngest, campest" act in Dublin. If Kate and Amy are anything to go by, this should be shockingly good fun.

8 pm Thursday 27th at South Studios. Tickets - 10, BYOB. For info and booking see here.


By Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna a chronic sufferer of FOMO

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