Girls Season 4

Has there been a void in your cultural life ever since Girls season three ended? Well, get excited because the preview for the hit HBO show's next season has landed. So what can we expect from the fourth season? Creator Lena Dunham explains that this new chapter sees the infamous millennials making smarter choices, but realizing life is still hard. Tough times at Brooklyn Heights.


Dunham has been in the public eye a lot lately, with the release of her first book,?Not That Kind of Girl, causing all sorts of controversy. First, certain quarters were critical of her advance, a reputed €3 million, but in recent days she has faced accusations of child molestation after right-wing columnists drew attention to certain passages in the memoir where Dunham talks about examining her younger sister's genitalia. Her sister Grace was a baby at the time. Lena was seven years old. In light of the continued scandal, European book tour dates have been cancelled.

While the internet argues about the book excerpt, HBO are helping us keep up with Dunham's fictional counterpart, the young writer Hannah, who will find herself deciding between a place at the Iowa Writers Workshop and her occasionally functional relationship with Adam. Marnie is still pursing a music career, oblivious to her lack of any talent, while pursuing an affair with a fellow musician, who happens to have a girlfriend. Jessa is still a little bit lost, but cool. And we finally meet Shoshanna's parents. As actress Zosia Mamet says,


?I sort of always just imagined that she like came out of a seashell or a pea pod.?

Are you excited?

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