Fifty Shades And Flying Pigeons

A new romantic drama starring Jamie Dornan as a ruthless businessman who falls in love? Keep calm and freak out over this Fifty Shades Instagram snap?

It's no secret that we're massive Jamie Dornan devotees here in IMAGE Daily - we've even seen the gentleman in the flesh at the IFTAs and in the Aer Lingus departures lounge in Heathrow, a place where dreams really do come true...

The Belfast model-turned-actor's career is one of Hollywood's most exciting. The 32-year-old was cast in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey after Charlie Hunnam famously pulled out of the role weeks after being announced to play the enigmatic businessman who falls in love with the inner monologue-afflicted Anastasia Steele. To mark the fictional character's birthday - yes, this is now a thing - the producers of the romantic erotic drama released a photo of Jamie as Grey for the first time. Leather jacket, Audi R8, smouldering gaze? Ticking all the boxes really.

grey The latest teaser from the Fifty Shades movie depicts the lovely Jamie Dornan brooding in a leather jacket at the wheel of an Audi car.

However, we were a little bit thrown to see Jamie starring in the trailer for Flying Home, a Belgian production that just did the rounds at Cannes. Jamie Dornan's latest movie stars him as a ruthless businessman, only this time he's chasing after racing pigeons instead of nubile co-eds. He kept that one quiet. Flying Home is a romantic drama from arthouse stalwart Dominique Deruddere and stars Jamie Dornan as an investment banker who tries to close a deal with an influential sheikh. In order to seal the deal he has to acquire said sheikh a champion racing pigeon from a Belgian pigeon fancier. Cue a soul-searching holiday to Flanders, where he falls for the pigeon owner's granddaughter and questions his capitalistic existence.

While Fifty Shades is still a long way off, Valentine's Day 2015 in fact, we're just going to stand here and wait for Flying Home to hit Irish screens. And survive on Instagram sneak peeks over at the movie's official Instagram. While the highly anticipated trailer has been privately screened in Hollywood and is apparently-more-romantic-than-sadomasochistic, it has yet to blitz across YouTube. Get those Google Alerts ready. The second season of The Fall also can't come soon enough, where Jamie returns to our screens as Belfast's most handsome serial killer

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