Taking the festival-fit notion to another level

We've hit the gym in a bid to lose a few pounds before bikini weather. We've even laughed along with the TOWIE cast and their pre holiday diet mantra, ?no carbs before Marbs?. But when did people start to fest-tox?


Coachella kicks off this Friday and in a bid to fit into sample sizes of the mandatory haute-boh'me fashion uniform, pre-festival juice cleanses and hard core exercise regimes have taken over. The Coachella Diet has now become more popular than the actual music and arts carnival itself.

#CUTbyCoachella, brought to you by POUND founders, LA duo Kristen Potenza and Christina Peerenboom, who advocate the use of RIPSTIX, lightly weighted drumsticks to me and you, introduced the work-out challenge back in March, using the festival as their milestone. The 30 day ?journey? consists of daily training sessions, challenges and contests culminating in a ripped body just in time for Coachella.



With only two more days ?til show-time we bet revellers are sweating up a storm, knee deep in cold pressed green juices, desperate for the skinny selfies to demonstrate their valley experience. Let's hope they enjoy it when they get there, we can't say we're not a little bit jealous. At least we have Summer's Stradbally spectacle to look forward to, I don't think we'll be seeing #POWERbyPicnic on the horizon. Thoughts?

Michelle O'Brien @lechevitrines

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