Eva Longoria Tears Into Reporter For Suggesting She Doesn't Need Glasses

Eva Longoria is not happy with people accusing her of faking bad eyesight to endorse glasses?

Celebrities have to put up with a relentless amount of attention. Caitlyn Jenner spoke about her property being illegally trespassed by paparazzi in this behind-the-scenes video of her Vanity Fair shoot. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most high-profile actresses of her generation, yet shuns social media. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who are usually quite generous towards the prying press, are suing one of the world's leading newspapers for invading the privacy of their daughter, who isn't a year old. While most civilians Google themselves to see how that LinkedIn ranking is working, if we were on the level of fame Hollywood residents deal with, we'd have a drip of Diet Coke and codeine next to the computer.

Enter stage left Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who has decided to start fighting small speculative battles via the medium of Twitter. Specifically, the actress is taking on anyone who accuses her of pretending to have bad eyesight. An Australian journalist, Jenna Clarke, wrote an opinion column about Eva's spectacle wearing habit last Sunday, wherein she said that the actress endorsing popular eyewear brand Specsavers had ?jumped the shark? and that she had never seen the 40-year-old wear glasses before.

Eva was not happy with this groundless accusation and used her Twitter account to take Clarke to task. She told the writer to try a deeper Google search next time and claimed she has been wearing reading glasses since 2013, the same time she was doing her master's degree. She also pointed out that the reason she doesn't wear glasses on the red carpet is because she doesn't find herself reading while walking by fans and photographers.



Jenna Clarke did say that things got way too heated.


Do you think Eva was in the right? Or should she have let it slide?


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