Dublin's First #FashMash

Last night Dublin's fashion insiders and some of Fashion tech's most exciting names gathered in one of Dublin's newest boutiques, Raglan, to mingle, talk serious shop and sip (or gulp) small bottles of Moet champagne - we know, our job is so difficult at times?

Representing the Irish team was the industrious Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney. Jennie McGinn and Justine King of?OPSH shared details of the fashion start up's upcoming?Sex and the City Exposed event, Fleur Moriarty of online boutique?Foraged&Found was also among the crowd and Irish Times fashion editor?Deirdre McQuillan told us about her short stint of editing Image Magazine back in the day.

Polyvore's?Jess Lee and Refinery29 founder?Phillippe?Von?Borries, AKA as the man who distracts us from the day job and gives our internet browser open tab grievance, were also in attendance

Some people felt that this year's Web Summit programme sorely lacked a proper grown-up conversation on fashion and technology. Jennie McGinn of the shopping start-up?OPSH even wrote?a blog post about how the Web Summit ?needs to target the fashion community in a much more structured manner?, offering suggestions for panels with bloggers and conversations between traditional and online retailers. Jennie says that such a shift in how the tech world sees fashion would possibly tackle the gender balance problems events such as the Web Summit faces, ?If the Web Summit created more dialogue around the concept of #fashtech it would open up wider audience and potentially, a much more female audience.?


Maybe next year the organisers will take her thoughts on board? We sincerely hope so.

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