Don't Get Mariah Carey Started On Reality TV Stars

For all those who think reality TV stars have no right being famous, Mariah Carey is in full agreement. She's got no time for the likes of Kim and Khloe (not that she specifically name drops), as in her view, such 'stars' possess no real talent which is the only reason you should be known around the world in the first place. In a video interview with Yarden Ben Aviv (while she was working in Israel), Mariah was asked whether or not being famous makes people happy. Here was her response:

"Some people's goal is to be famous, not to have a craft or an art that they're famous for. Today, you can be famous just from being on a reality? well, doing? you don't really have to do much, but you kinda gotta do a lot." said the Touch My Body hitmaker.

"And then your whole life is just about being a celebrity and that's what some people aspire to, because it's easy and because then everybody knows them and all they see is the bright side of fame. I couldn't handle being on a reality show, I couldn't handle having people with cameras on me all the time. It's already like that, it's too much."


Though some of us in are admittedly pro-Kardashian, we have to concede?that Mariah's got a point, and we certainly wouldn't fancy the idea of cameras in our kitchens.

To receive a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, like Mariah did?earlier this month, the world's reality TV stars will have to do a lot more than argue with their parents on screen.

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