Ditch The Creeps

When one of your dating gap tagline is ?Ditch the Creeps?, you grab a woman?s attention. Wyldfire is the latest app setting out to help millennials find love, soulmates, perhaps a surefire first divorce. However, what separates Wyldfire from the swipe rights and increasingly baffling profile photos of this world is its gender-bending empowerment and exclusivity. Men are only permitted to join Wyldfire if they are recommended and invited by a female member of the app. If you know a guy worth sharing, you can contact him anonymously via email or refer him via Facebook. Fewer perverts means everyone wins in this utopian coupling database. The app has a cleaner aesthetic than Tinder and has borrowed features from Instagram and Twitter. Photos can undergo a complimentary filter and popular profiles trend. Also you give a prospective suitor a 'hint' when interested.

We contacted co-founder Brian Freeman to ask him: why Wyldfire? ?We know that women get bombarded constantly by aggressive and sometimes disturbing messages, and when they get paired up with us are just waiting for us to drop some creepy line. By establishing a community where we can create more comfort on both sides, we figured people would enjoy chatting more and be more apt to get together. The best way in our minds to do this was to have a woman recommend you as a standard.? Moving on from this initial idea meant hiring ?some awesome girls to help us with understanding our target customer better.?

Wyldfire is set to launch in the UK this month. Ireland will have to wait a while longer for dating developments. In the meantime you can register your interest here and wait for the app?s arrival.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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