Digital Superstars: Your Digital Fashion Update

The'digital world changes so often and so fast that it can be difficult to stay on top of changing trends and top news. Here is our top three digi-moments from December that you need to know about.

Augmented Reality Apparel

New York designer Kailu Guan has created a truly unique digital collection of garments that, when looked at through your phone or digital device?presents three-dimensional shapes and moving patterns. The collection was unveiled at New York Textile Month this year, and amalgamates augmented reality, fashion and digital imagery to produce the final product; but the garments on their own are equally as striking. Guan, who is a recent graduate of the Parsons School of Design?explored storytelling in a world of vast digitisation as inspiration for the unique collection.

Net-A-Porter To Introduce Mobile Online



Luxury online boutique store Neta- Porter announced plans to phase out e-commerce and introduce mobile-only shopping within the next five years. The bold move comes after seeing a dramatic shift in mobile-driven sales (resulting in a 30 percent increase in profits this year) and is a response to the changing consumer market, which shows that we're using our mobiles more than ever for web browsing and shopping. The Net-a-Porter group has already begun working to improve their mobile platforms, making it easier for customers to shop on the go.

Aya Hindmarch's Obsession With Pixelation

British designer Anya Hindmarch didn't build her brand by shying away from obscurity, and her AW16 collection is no exception. Like many forward-thinking designers, Hindmarch is experimenting with how fashion and technology can co-exist?and examines pixelation and colour as the building blocks of digital design. This is the collection you need if you want to join the digi-fashion trend.

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