Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Are Married

UPDATE: Yep, it's been officially confirmed by People, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are married.

Stop the judgmental lady presses - everyone is saying Jennifer Aniston may have gotten married yesterday to her beloved and very sexy fianc?, actor and writer Justin Theroux. Jennifer met Justin on the set of Tropic Thunder, which he wrote, in 2008. They dated soon after and became engaged in 2012. So far, a walk down a version of an aisle has not happened.

However, today People are reporting that a big party the couple threw at their Bel Air home on Wednesday may have been a wedding. There was a wooden stage and seating for about 74 people set up in the backyard of the mansion. TMZ, of course, got photos of the party, and it looks like the event in question was pretty formal. An early August barbeque, this more than likely was not. Sources say there was a big cake and photos show a pastor in attendance. Man carrying a bible - not your usual kind of party. Also, some of Jennifer's best friends reportedly attended, like her Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow and comedian Chelsea Handler.


So far the actors? representative is keeping schtum. We wonder if there is a magazine deal in the pipeline? Or will Jennifer keep things low-key with an admission on a talk show? The world waits. The media wonders when it can stop referring to her unmarried state. We imagine Jennifer doesn't give a damn.

Via People?

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