Demi Lovato Gets It Wrong, Just Like The Rest Of Us

Celebrities are often portrayed as other-worldly beings who can't relate to us normal folk at all, but this isn't always the case. From Hilary Duff getting rejected on Tinder to Kirsten Stewart's regular bad days, these public figures with extraordinary day jobs are at times so relatable that we truly believe we could weave effortlessly into their glamorous lives. While we continue dreaming, it is talented singer Demi Lovato who has won the heart of the internet this weekend, after she seemingly?took an answer to an interview question a tad too literally. When she's not rocking covers of Take Me To Church, she hikes, watches Mean Girls (a suburb choice), and loves cups. Because who doesn't? They hold our favourite tea etc. Her hilarious response has gone viral and suitably cheered us up on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

The singer appeared on Berlin's NRJ radio station, to share all her favourite things, as part of the promotion for her upcoming album. We learned that her favourite singer is Kelly Clarkson, as said above, her favourite movie is Mean Girls and that in her spare time she likes to go hiking. But then, the interview asked her a pretty hard-hitting question: 'What's your favourite dish?' But while we were expectedly?awaiting the answer to her most favoured dish of culinary delight,?Lovato took the question slightly off-kilter and?confidently assumed that it?was referring to crockery, and hence launched into a beautiful ode to mugs. "I like mugs," she said. "Because they are very comfortable in your hand, and they hold hot things that you don't like to touch. So coffee, or hot tea."

We love that she was literally unfazed by the moment and loves a completely normal thing like a good mug. How often has an all-too similar'mildly-cringeworthy scenario happened to the best of us? Demi is clearly a woman after our own hearts. ?A Vine video of her answer was then uploaded, and the masses found it endearingly adorable:

After it went viral, some minor slagging ensued:


The former Disney star subsequently tweeted this after the incident:

So?it would appear'she deliberately tried to give everyone a?good giggle, which worked very well indeed.


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