Daisy Lowe, Chef

Despite New Year Resolutions and Lent we're still hankering after our sweet fix and All The Bad Things, so we're pretty interested to hear about Daisy Lowe's latest career move - sugar-free chef. In recent days Grazia dropped the news that this July her delightfully titled debut Sweetness & Light hits shelves, and then our kitchen counters. The book will contain seven chapters - ?Skinny Puddings? and ?Make You Feel Good Cakes? are just two that have us clicking pre-order - and sixty recipes that fall under gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free with some love for vegans spread throughout.daisy-lowe-main_2865817a

Whenever we talk Girl Crushes over lunch in IMAGE HQ swooning inevitably turns to Miss Lowe. This Brit model ranks among the most personable in the business with her devil-may-care attitude, amazing bangs, and her ability to always veer on the right side of sultry fashion-wise. After spokesmodel stints with Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur, this new direction may seem a bit leftfield but Lowe has always been one to do what she wants, and triumph. When she was sixteen and starting out as a model she became the focus of invasive tabloids when it was revealed her father was actually rock star Gavin Rossdale, but Daisy moved on from all that noise to prove her worth as a model with a non-skeletal body, winning kudos for her refusal to starve herself.42336544aed411e39320122adf243e91_8

Her justification for writing the book falls in line with her personal philosophy, "I get so many tweets asking, 'How do you stay thin?' Not that I am particularly thin [but] if I can look after five 14-year-old girls and make them feel like they can still enjoy food, that makes my job worthwhile. I'm quite maternal and try to influence my friends when I can.?


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