Colin Farrell Doesn't Believe In ?The One?

Colin Farrell has shared some refreshing thoughts on the subject of his love life. The Irish actor, who is currently starring in the second season of True Detective, has said he does not believe there is only one ?right? person for everyone who is looking for love.

During an interview with German magazine TV Movie, the 39-year- revealed he is not ready to?go down the aisle yet."I'm in no rush to get married," he said.

?"I'm very happy anyway, thanks to my kids. But I don't believe there's just one person in the world for everyone. With eight billion people, that search could take a while!" he added.

He said that he's also been unlucky on the romance side of things (it's not only us mere mortals that can run into trouble), but that his kids make the whole thing less of an issue for him.

He has has previous'relationships with actress Amelia Warner and writer Emma Forrest, and dated'model Kim Bordenave, with whom he has son James, and actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, who he has son Henry with."I have not dated for four years now. It's just not happening, what with the work, the kids and my life," he told the publication. "I know it's not what people expect to hear, but that's the honest truth," he said in a previous interview.


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The Total Recall star revealed that he loves spending quality time with his two sons, Henry and James.

"It's not all about you anymore, which is a relief," Farrell explained. "It's about a bigger world, and helping them find their place in it."

"It's not about 'me, me, me, the loudmouth' any more?and that takes the pressure off me to live up to those old expectations," he added.

Farrell's thoughts on finding romance make an awful lot of sense; it's just that you don't often hear many say this. Our favourite movies may well have us believe that ?The One? is just made up of well, just that, when the reality is far different.

?Firstly, it's not as simple as all that - meeting the right person at all is tricky business - and secondly, many people get married again or form new relationships after others have broken down and are as happy as ever. So we tend to agree with Farrell, you can find the right person, but you can find them a few times over, depending!

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