Channing Tatum As Queen Elsa In Frozen Gives Us Life

If you thought 2015 was Channing Tatum's year, what with the cinematic triumph that was Magic Mike XXL, you'd be right. But maybe 2016 is going to be his year too. He's already launched himself into proceedings with an infectious gusto as this preview clip from the addictive US television show Lip Sync Battle shows. In case you've been living under a rock with no wifi and Youtube,?Lip Sync Battle?is a hit show that pits celebrities against each other to see who can lip sync the best. The colosseum of our age. Stars who've excelled so far include Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Tatum has decided to take on the iconic Frozen anthem Let It Go, and boy does he embrace the diaphanous blue dress, the blonde wig, the obligatory Disney twirling. The full show will be on later this week and Channing's challenger is his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum. It's the sequel to Step Up the people deserved.


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