Cecelia Ahern Talks Writing Advice And Imagination

In 2004, a young Cecelia Ahern saw her debut novel break-out. P.S. I Love You became a global phenomenon, the story of one young widow's life after tragedy capturing hearts around the world. And dominating bestseller lists. The movie, Gerard Butler's accent withstanding, is most people's ultimate comfort watch. When I worked as a receptionist in the tourism industry, one Japanese visitor told me she decided on Ireland because of it. So dear Failte Ireland, when are we naming a street in Galway after Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Over ten years later and Ahern is still writing, averaging one book a year. And she's still at the top of her game. Her books?touch upon the rawest human emotions - familial relationships, death, depression, unexpected pregnancy, missed opportunities - and her readers, us included, are devoted followers. It also helps that Cecelia Ahern is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. We chatted to her last month about her new book, The Marble Collector, which tells the tale of a daughter learning about her father's secret life in the aftermath of his death. We also decided to pick her brain about writing and to find out if she's a bit fed up of talking about P.S. I Love You.


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