Calvin Harris Is A Goofy Social Media Boyfriend

Sure, Calvin Harris may be the world's highest earning DJ with residencies in some of the biggest clubs in the world, but to most the female populace these past few months, he's Mr. Taylor Swift. And we think he's not-so-secretly loving it.

Case in point, his most recent Instagram wherein he depicts the Shake It Off singer barbecuing what appears to be slices of sweet potato (of course Taylor loads up on the beta carotene) with the caption "She cooks too."

She cooks too

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This is the first time Calvin has posted a photo of Taylor on his social media accounts, but it isn't the first time he's alluded to the relationship. Soon after they both started dating he posted a photo of Taylor's famous cats with the brief caption "Moment." Cue the internet going into no-longer-media-speculation overdrive.


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Then there was the matter of Taylor Swift versus Apple Music. After Taylor penned an open letter to the music giant on her Tumblr, the company decided to pay artists for the three-month trial period they were initally not going to. Calvin took some time out to tweet about what a heroine Taylor was to the people in the music industry.

While Taylor herself loves sharing details of her life with her fans, it's rather endearing to see Calvin Harris so obviously and publicly smitten with his new girlfriend. Also, ten points for supporting one of the most inspiring women in the music industry on a regular basis. This kind of behaviour makes the Armani ambassador even more attractive, if that was possible.

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