We Should All Buy Feminist Art

Hello, goodmorning, happy Friday and HAPPY WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH.

It's really Women's History Month in the US. But it's also one week until International Women's Day.

And it's Friday. So we thought you should treat yourself to the dreamiest of feminist art. We are slightly concerned about how cheap they all are.

This print of the Notorious RBG, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, can be yours for just FOUR EURO (and eighty-six cent). Buy it here.


The Film Artist on Etsy makes feminist movie posters and portraits for just €19.54 and we cannot pick just one. We'd like to buy them all and make a wall collage.

If the beauty of this screenprint of social justice, sexism, imperialism and racism activist and scholar Angela Davis isn't enough to make you buy it, maybe the description?from the artist will. "Tired of portraits of old white men on the walls? I created these portraits so we can reframe the power dynamics in our spaces." I MEAN. Buy it here.

Look. At. Diana. This print should be in all homes but at the very least, you should send a copy to anyone who has put "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" as an Instagram selfie caption. It also only costs ?21.49.

This artist has created an art print of a small selection of great, female minds of science. This would be a gorgeous gift for a little girl, or if you're a teacher, you could hang it in your classroom. Please someone do this and then email me a picture. Buy it here.?


Rosie The Riveter in a pink pussy hat. I might get this tattooed on my face. Buy it here? now. For just €12.34!


Happy Women's History Month!

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