Best Celebrity Lip Syncs Plus Tom Hardy Doing Whitney Houston

Attention, attention. This post features Tom Hardy. Unfortunately, it's not cute pics of him fawning over his adorable son, and he's not frolicking around a field with some puppies (be still our beating hearts), but he is lip syncing, and boy, do we love a spot of celebrity lip syncing.

As this has become our new favourite pastime, and the whole world's too, we just can't get enough of Jimmy Fallon's battles and there's now even a show dedicated entirely to celebrity lip sync-offs. Tom Cruise was incredible (and rather attractive, dare we say?), but who could forget Joseph Gordon Levitt's performance? And what about Will Ferrell's, Emily Blunt's or Anne Hathaway's Miley Cyrus impression? The British actor has yet to appear on this show, but instead he's taken his lip syncing antics into his own hands, posting several videos with the app The footage is a little blurry, but we're willing to roll with it in exchange for Hardy's offering of his own rendition of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. He also enjoys a spot of Bee-Gee-ing too.

So if you're reading this, Jimmy Fallon, we've you've got your next contestant lined up for you.

Bring. It. On.

On the subject of celebrity lip syncs, here's some of our all time favourites.



On the subject of celebrity lip syncing, who would you like to see next? We vote Anna Wintour and Lena Dunham.

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