Barista Beckham

While some accuse the Beckhams of a PR stunt, we?re applauding their parenting and Brooklyn?s new barista job...

This week we learned that Brooklyn Beckham started working as a barista in a coffee shop near his West London home, and we have to say we were immediately impressed. Not only because he?s fifteen and handing out CVs at that age is actually terrifying, but because with parents worth a cool and combined ?165 million Brooklyn could have easily gone down the Call of Duty All The Time route. Brooklyn is working weekend shifts and will be earning an alleged ?2.68 per hour as he is under 16 and not eligible for the minimum wage. However Brooklyn can supplement that pay packet with some modeling gigs here and there ? earlier this year he scored the cover of Man About Town magazine.

Meanwhile an op-ed in the Guardian today is not so receptive of London?s newest barista, almost accusing Brand Beckham of a PR stunt. In between drawing very dramatic parallels between the mad Roman emperor Nero and highstreet coffee chain Caff? Nero, Oscar Rickett claims that this normalcy ?may already be too late for him, such is the rarefied oxygen he breathes.?

Well, we drew a poll in the office, are team Brooklyn, and won?t hear a whisper of any accusations of privilege. Victoria and David are said to have encouraged their son to take the job, wanting to instill a sense of humility and hard work in him. Considering both are completely self-made and known for their industrious ethic we think the Beckhams on the right track towards raising a young man.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun



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