Baby News for Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse?

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The Hollywood rumour mill is currently in over drive as US print publication, Star, have claimed this week that Bradley Cooper, 40, and his British supermodel girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, 23, are expecting a mini Cooper. A baby, not the car.

Though we're prepared to take anything from the mouths of Star with a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt (our favourite), here's what they're stating as fact:

"Sources?close to Bradley and Suki say that the 23-year-old beauty recently learned that she's pregnant with their child - and Bradley, 40, couldn't be happier. ?He's wanted to be a father for years - it was always so important to him, but it was never the right time or the right person,? said the insider.

?Suki is perfect for him, and he couldn't imagine going on this journey with anyone else.?

suki waterhouse


Despite their age difference, the insider says, she's on the same page as Bradley when it comes to settling down and starting a family. ?She's been longing for stability inher life for awhile,? says the insider of Suki, who has?complained?about her ?traveling Gypsy? lifestyle, confessing, ?I'm desperate to have a home.? And she sees Bradley as the ideal father for her children. ?She's just as excited about the pregancy as he is.?"

As the pair are only just on the cusp of house hunting together in London, ahead of Cooper's 12 week stint at the West End (he's starring in Elephant Man), we suspect this is one desperate 'insider'. Bradley and Suki began dating this time two years ago and are said to be?totally smitten with one another. There's plenty of time yet for babies.

Bradley's got a big month ahead of him, having just been nominated for an Oscar following his impressive turn in American Sniper while Suki, still in her early 20s, is enjoying life as an in-demand model working for Burberry and other highly coveted brands.

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