Are We Finally Coming Around To Miley Cyrus?

Ever since Miley Cyrus shocked us with all the?foam finger gyrating at ?the VMAs two years ago, opinion on her has been extremely divisive. Some of us absolutely adore her total refusal to apologise for being herself (and that "We Can't Stop" song is undeniably?catchy) while others think that her behaviour is a plea for attention.

The woman herself is now returning to host the MTV VMAs this weekend and she hit the streets of L.A. to find out exactly what people thought of her.?Because people weren't going to be totally honest to her face, Miley?put on a disguise and attempted an admittedly very poor Australian accent, and the general public did not hold back. We also have a feeling that this might be the kind cut, where they left out all those using expletives to describe the controversial star.?Watch the clip below and see for yourself:

In fairness to the girl, she takes all the criticism in her stride and manages to laugh it off. The harsh results aren't surprising considering this week parents voted Ms Cyrus as the worst celebrity influence on their children.

However we've also been hearing?about her amazing charity work with homeless LGBTQ youths and her refusal to conform or confine herself to any sort of label. The girl clearly isn't willing to play the popularity game and that takes some serious bravery considering she has grown up?under constant public scrutiny.


For her interview with?Live Jimmy Kimmel she opted?for the usual nipple pasties and little else and yet we came away from it thinking that maybe the tides have turned and we sort of love Miley now? Kimmel goes all 'Dad' on her asks what her own father thinks of her attire and Miley's answer is pretty?kick-ass:


She also goes to explain why people's whole obsession with the nipple being covered is a serious double standard and Kimmel only proves her point as he keeps awkwardly returning to her lack of clothing and is visibly flustered throughout the entire chat.

Miley has not only been'taking on the iniquity of how society looks on the female body and spearheading?the #FreeTheNipple campaign, she's also been talking about her how squeaky clean Disney show?Hannah Montana?actually gave the young star body issues and severe anxiety attacks. Speaking to Marie Claire, Miley spoke about?how?our obsession with getting rich doesn't give you any lasting satisfaction. "Those things might stimulate? you, but they don't make you happy... I know firsthand" Cyrus said.

Dare we say it, we're kind of looking forward to the VMAs now, and not in a "oh what crazy thing will she do next" kind of way.

Check out the rest of the uncomfortable interview here:



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