Adele Delivers Another Electrifying Performance

Have you had a listen/cry to Adele's new album yet? 25 is what we on Twitter call a 'banger' of a record and it seems like every single is going to take over the airwaves. We've dealt with the phenomenon of Hello - who knew we'd see a flip phone ever again? - and When We Were Young is making its presence felt. However, it seems like another single is on its way to slay our emotions. Readers, meet Water Under the Bridge.

Adele performed the song for the first time on Jimmy Fallon's chat show earlier this week. Here's the performance getting everyone talking, and even dancing. It's, dare we say it, upbeat... Seriously, this is the one song on Adele's album that won't have you hibernating in your duvet scrolling through your ex's Facebook profile.


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