Anna Wintour And Gwyneth Paltrow Are Making A Magazine Together

If ever there was a dream collaboration we've been waiting for, this is it.

Goop. It doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but this is the name of magazine-empress Anna Wintour and actress and wellness enthusiast Gwyneth Paltrow's new quarterly glossy magazine, and it's hitting newsstands soon.

In case you're not aware, or you're not part of an online Gwyneth Paltrow superfan club, "Goop" is the name of Gwyn's lifestyle brand that was developed back in 2008. And Goop is flourishing; which isn't entirely surprising because A) it's Gwyneth Paltrow and B) she gave us, no - gifted - us with a glorious insight into her and her families health and lifestyle-driven, bespoke candle smelling, mindfulness-inducing, cultural appreciation and over-all fabulous world. The brand expanded so-much-so last year, that it raised $15 million in funding and in the last few months, Gwyn has even?introduced a clothing and beauty product range which is available on and

*Snaps for Gwyn*


With Goop's recent acceleration from a personal blog to a global domination of mindfulness and female loveliness (Gwyn is now being dubbed as the?Oprah of wellness), it was only a matter of time before magazine Queen Bee the Almighty Anna Wintour took notice of Gwyneth 's?achievements and reached out. And it's in good time too now that Conde Nast has a growing health-sized hole in their catalogue of magazines since the closure of Self?back in 2016. What's more, Goop will benefit massively from Conde Nast's?164 million global consumers worldwide. What's more, both women bring unique and brilliant attributes to their areas of expertise, and together they will be a powerful stance for women within media.

?I've long known Gwyneth to have wonderful taste and vision - but with Goop she has built something remarkable, a thoroughly modern take on how we live today,? Anna Wintour, Cond? Nast artistic director and editor in chief of Vogue, said in a statement to the NewYork Times.

It's not surprising that Ms Paltrow has made the move from film to wellness and publishing, especially considering falling studio profits, ongoing inequality towards female actors, and flatlining ticket sales. Even though we'll miss her on our screens,?we're looking forward to seeing her on our newsstands.

The first issue of Goop will be available worldwide from September 2017 and will include online favourites like?health, fitness, cooking, style, interior design and travel.

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