Amy Schumer On Being A Role Model In A Kardashian World

Taking a dig at the Kardashians can often be a cheap and easy move. A joke at the expense of some of the most successful reality television stars in the world? You might be laughing, but do you really think Kris and her profitable foetuses care?

However, Amy Schumer is a different force entirely when it comes to lacerating satire. Her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer has tackled women incapable of accepting a compliment, ageing, rape culture and sexting. And now'she's?taking on the Kardashians, Jenners, and their inescapable influence on young women.

In the opening monologue for last weekend's Saturday Night Live, which Schumer was presenting, the Trainwreck actress talked about how now, more so than ever, young women need heroines other than "a?whole family of women who take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion." Yes, it's a little bit harsh - RIP Khloe - but she's making a point about what we're putting our little girls' self-esteem through. Have a watch?and a proper belly-aching laugh below.


A lot of people are saying Amy Schumer's SNL episode is going to go down in the comedy show's history, and we think it's safe to say there's plenty more where this is coming from. Besides a burgeoning friendship with Jennifer Lawrence, the comedian slash actress is working on a script with the Oscar-winner. Apparently they'll both be playing sisters. Schumer is also working on her first book, a memoir of sorts tentatively titled The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. Various publishing insiders say that her advance was around the $9 million mark. Now, that's setting a great example.

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