Adele And Lionel Richie To Collaborate?

What news could possibly top Adele's return to the airwaves and her forthcoming Irish tour dates? The news that she's due to collaborate with none other than Lionel Richie, that's what.

It's only natural that these two would eventually gravitate towards each other, what with the countless internet gags about their respective hits that go by the name of 'Hello'. This potential collaboration news comes after a video surfaced on YouTube in which their songs are weaved together; it's like a tonic for the ears. Lionel Richie responded gleefully to the work of BlendTV, telling E! News that a duet is most certainly on the cards.

"We are going to be doing something together - that's already almost in the works. I can almost say that we are talking, but right now she has a mission. Her mission is to get her record out and go on tour, so until she finishes that cycle, that won't happen just yet. She is committed to that."

That's fine; we'll just re-watch this video with bated breath until you come across with what's bound to be a belter.


As for Adele's comment on their partnership, she's kept schtum thus far.

As for his previous ownership of the word 'Hello' the 66 year old superstars tell E! News: "Wasn't that hilarious? Hilarious! Someone said to me, 'Lionel, Adele did 'Hello'' and I said, 'Retirement. I am done'...Then, all of a sudden I realized this is not 'Hello.' She just used 'Hello.'You have no idea how many people called me on the phone and said, 'Are you going to let her get away with that? She stole 'Hello!'' Then I said I don't own 'Hello.' I own the melody. But, what it did was it blew everything to the ceiling. The conversation came up. If you say Adele and you say Lionel or Lionel and Adele...that's the best pairing you could have!"

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