5 Must-See Shows To Watch On Netflix In May

Netflix has truly upped their game in terms of standout original content. Here is our pick of five of their upcoming dramas and documentaries worth staying in for...

House of Cards

"One nation, Underwood." House of cards is back for a long-awaited fifth season. Season four ended with Frank promising to "make the terror" in an attempt to draw attention away from a scandal which was about to engulf the Underwood-Underwood election campaign. And there's little doubt that some of the Underwoods' enemies were closing in, between Conway's Presidential Campaign and Hammerschmidt's article exposing the President and First Lady, securing their Presidency likely won't be without sacrifice.

Release Date: May 30


The Keepers

Making A Murderer fans, this will be your new obsession. The highly anticipated seven-part series Keepers attempt to explain the events leading to, and following, the brutal murder of young,?beloved nun, Sister Cathy Cesnick. Sister Cathy was killed in November 1969, and her body was found two months later, in early 1970. Ever since the 26-year-old nun and school teacher went missing from her apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, the details of what happened to her that night remained a mystery. This isn't just about her about tragic death but the quiet quest she was on prior to it to expose the abuse of Father Joseph Maskell who taught at the school she worked in.

Release Date: May 19

Get Me Roger Stone

The controversial (to'say the least) conservative spokesperson now has his own Netflix Original documentary. He's currently under a lot of scrutinies thanks to his outspoken comments, involvement with the Trump Presidential campaign and potential Russia links. This documentary will take a look back at the career of Roger Stone and see how he came to be as infamous as he now is - think Frank Underwood, only worse.



This touching documentary follows Brazilian transgender cartoonist Laerte Coutinho who after decades in the public eye came out as a transsexual woman. She takes us through her life and art, reflecting on her journey, ?as she adapts following her transition.

Release Date: May 19

The Mars Generation

This documentary first premiered at the Sundance film festival and follows a group of kids who go to NASA to take part in an experiment. They are enthusiasts; eager to talk about what exists outside of our planet and the Mars missions that are scheduled to take place in the next few decades. ?It's a striking look at what could potentially happen if humanity left earth to set up life elsewhere.


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