5 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Book Lovers

Instagram and its beloved hashtags contain just about everything one could want if they are a book lover. Hot dudes reading (a personal favourite), cat book clubs, and even dog book clubs. But when I'm not occupied gazing at incredibly attractive men and cute cats and dogs using books as props, I mostly use it for story recommendations. While celebrity book clubs are all the rage, sometimes I just want to read a'recommendation from someone I know who genuinely loves to read - not because they happen to be producing the movie adaptation of said book as is sometimes the case. Allow me to introduce you to the 'Bookstagrammers' - groups of devoted readers, who give us a glimpse of striking covers, beautifully arranged shelves, along with bite-size reviews and'must-read titles. Scroll for five who will encourage you to break out a book, stat.


A brilliant Instagram account that asks strangers on the subway what book they're reading and what they think of it. The recommendations are very raw and genuine (much like their accompanying photographs), so you're sure to get more than a few stories for your reading lists.



Looking for a classic title to re-read or get stuck into for the first time? This account contains a library full of them alongside her current favourite titles.


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This account mostly shares images of poems and interviews from past?issues, but the imagery of clean, black and white text stands out amongst all the colourful Instagram noise. The writing and words are always beautiful, so it's worth taking an extra few moments every day to let them sink in.


A great book and coffee = heaven on earth. On this beautifully curated account, blogger and avid reader Natasha shares a wide-range of reading recommendations paired with her favourite beverage. As well as all the book suggestions, should you be holidaying or living in NYC, she'll tell you where to go for a damn fine cup o'Joe.



Book-obsessed Samantha has some of the most beautiful story-snaps I've ever seen, and alongside her bite-size recommendations, her fellow readers share their favourites too. I've lost hours scrolling and jotting down the names of books I want to read next.

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