5 Brilliant Crime Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

In terms of gripping programming, Netflix does a must-watch crime documentary almost like no one else. ?In case you've just finished the Amanda Knox documentary and binged your way through Making of a Murderer, they have a whole host of true crime documentaries to feed the most inquisitive of minds. Broaden your horizons from the sofa, with these five true-life stories, streaming now.

West of Memphis

The case was a horrendous triple-homicide involving little boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, and the ensuing trial of the then-teenage suspects is considered a pinnacle achievement in courtroom-focused true-crime documentary reporting.?Beginning with an examination into the police investigation into the 1993 murders, filmmaker Amy Berg brings to light new evidence surrounding the arrest and conviction of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley. All three were teens at the time and lost 18 years of their lives after being wrongly convicted and imprisoned.


Who Took Johnny

In 1982 disappearance of Johnny Gosch rattled the nation - he disappeared one morning at 12-years-old during an early morning paper route and was never found - and inspired new laws (he was one of the first missing children to appear on the side of a milk carton), and his case prompted the beginning of registered sex-offenders lists in the US. The film follows his mother's decades-long quest to uncover the truth.

Audrie & Daisy

In this wrenching documentary, US high-school students Audrie Potts and Daisy Coleman were both sexually assaulted - one in a'suburb of San Francisco and the other in rural Missouri. Potts? attackers then shared these pictures all over social media. As a result of these images and ensuing insults, Potts committed suicide, and Coleman received death threats and had her house burned down. Both?cases became a source of international controversy after the local authorities chose not to prosecute the male teens who assaulted them while they were intoxicated. It's powerful, emotive and should be watched be everyone.

?The Witness


In this documentary, Bill Genovese aims to set the record straight regarding his sister, whose name took on a tragic meaning after her 1964 murder. Her death caused international outrage; reports at the time said 38 people had witnessed her murder and failed to act. Twenty-eight-year-old Catherine Genovese, known as Kitty was stabbed to death outside her apartment and the film follows her brother?Bill, and his decades of efforts to find out what really happened.

The Keepers

Making A Murderer fans, this will be your new obsession. The highly anticipated seven-part series Keepers attempt to explain the events leading to, and following, the brutal murder of young,?beloved nun, Sister Cathy Cesnick. Sister Cathy was killed in November 1969, and her body was found two months later, in early 1970. Ever since the 26-year-old nun and school teacher went missing from her apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, the details of what happened to her that night remained a mystery. This isn't just about her about tragic death but the quiet quest she was on prior to it to expose the abuse of Father Joseph Maskell who taught at the school she worked in.

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