3 Thrilling Summer Reads

What is it about summer reading that just screams thriller? I always opt for an unsettling read on holidays over any other time of year; they are the perfect contrast to the light and breezy long days. The thing is, a read that truly disturbs and takes you far from your own reality will linger long in the mind aiding that escapism we associate with being in a foreign?place.?Here are three summer thrillers that make perfect poolside companions.

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins (Doubleday, approx. ?19.99, out now)

The author of global bestseller The Girl on the Train returns with a follow-up that's equally gripping. Nel Abbott died in The Drowning Pool ? the water that has taken many women, just like it did her. They say she jumped, but her sister Jules, knows she never would have. Full of tense, surprise twists that will keep you guessing right to the end. A brilliant thriller.

The One by John Marrs (Del Ray, approx. ?9.99, out now)


Online dating gets a twist in this dark thriller. Getting matched based on shared interests is a thing of the past thanks to a scientific breakthrough that changes looking for love forever. ?Match Your DNA? pairs a specific gene with the one person you're genetically made for. It all sounds too good to be true. As it turns out, the results are far from perfect in some cases ? and sinister in others. A gripping read.

The Trespasser?by Tana French (Hachette Books Ireland, approx ?18, out now)

I read this some time ago but picked it up again, forgetting how good it was.?Award-winning Irish author Tana French returns with her sixth novel in the Dublin Murder Squad crime series, The Trespasser. This time, the main narrator switches to Antoinette Conway, the tough, abrasive detective featured in 2014's The Secret Place. Conway and her partner, Steve Moran, head up an investigation following the murder of 26-year-old Aislinn Murray. It should be clear-cut; the result of a standard ?lovers-tiff?, but something is off and each step takes Conway further from the truth. Compelling, tense and full of surprise twists.

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