10 Tweets To Start Your Day: Thursday 1st of June

Peak covfefe, Hilary Clinton and Rihanna's cosmetics range.

Theresa May on why she wasn't on the BBC Debate.


Hilary Clinton sat down with Recode to talk about the election.

We have reached peak covfefe.


LeBron James' Brentwood home gate was painted with racist language. The incident is being investigated by the LAPD.

Lebanon's government officials have banned Warner Bros. film Wonder Woman because of Gal Godot's Israeli roots and time served in Israels military.


RIP Kylie Cosmetics.

This incredible story of marathoner Dion Leonard being reunited with his adopted dog Gobi who joined him on a 155 mile run across China's Gobi desert last year.


Lastly, Jerich Alcantara was going to miss his graduation because of a subway delay so passengers threw him one instead. No YOU'RE crying.

Happy first of June!

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