1 Is 2 Many

Yesterday saw Irish women being failed once again by the courts after a businessman escaped jail despite dragging a teenage girl into a spare bedroom in a Killarney B&B to sexually assault her. Martin Quigley of Ballygarron, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford was handed down a suspended sentence in Tralee's Circuit Criminal Court and has twelve previous convictions for assault, drink driving and public order offences. When sentencing Judge Carroll Moran?acknowledged the victim's trauma, but also noted the adverse publicity Quigley's business had received. The victim wept openly in court. Her mother comforted her.

Today sees the Obama administration sending their strongest message yet in support of women's rights with the powerful 1 is 2 Many campaign video. ?We have a big problem,? proclaims Benicio del Toro at the beginning which goes on to feature some of Hollywood's leading men such as Seth Meyers, Steve Carrell and Daniel Craig talking about consent, respect, never blaming the victim and standing up for what is right. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden also speak during the powerful one-minute long video. As they launched the video, the White House reminded the American public that 1 in 5 women is sexually assaulted while in college. That 1 in 10 will be hurt by someone they're dating. That 1 in 9 teenage girls will be forced to have sex.?1 is 2 Many is a project with which Biden has been instrumental. The Vice President's record when it comes to battling violence against women is impressive and constant. He is a well-known donator to various charities and has been an instrumental in helping to pass legislation in the area.

Meanwhile Daniel Craig is no stranger to viral women's rights campaigns having memorably starred, in drag, as Bond in the Sam Taylor-Johnson directed short for International Women's Day in 2011. Judi Dench narrated EQUALS as M, Bond's spy boss, and listed the various inequalities that persist in the world in the workplace and the home. For a reminder of that amazing and stark public service announcement see here.


Speaking about the 1 is 2 Many campaign Craig says ?I am honored to be part of such an important and crucial project. The message is clear and simple; everyone has a responsibility. There are no exceptions. There are no excuses. Please watch it and pass it on.?

You heard him.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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